Volunteering for Mid America Dharma

Mid America Dharma is unlike some meditation organizations as we have no permanent and abiding home. We seek out places to hold our retreats that are located in and around Missouri and that are relatively low cost. Because we do not run the centers, we do not have the need for retreatant help in the kitchen or for building maintenance. As a result we have limited opportunities for retreatants to offer service during a retreat, but there are some.

If you would like to attend a retreat and want to support our sangha, consider volunteering to help set up the retreat or to pack up at the end of the retreat. You might also volunteer to be a bell ringer or to help with the tea table or to help with small tasks in the meditation hall.

If you are interested in giving even more, consider learning how to manage a retreat. This critical role helps to provide the safety and supportive environment for a retreat to be successful. It gives you an opportunity to develop your practice during informal meetings with the teacher and when assisting your co-meditators. And you attend the retreat free of charge.

If you want to do even more to serve the sangha consider joining the Mid America Dharma board. Most of the work of putting on retreats occurs behind the scenes at the board. The duties include offering guidance on policies and procedures, planning and advertising retreats, and managing all of the things required for any organization to function effectively. The board meets quarterly in Columbia, MO.

If you would like to volunteer or want more information, call us at  573-673-6713 or use this form to contact us: